Sauces of the World Unite


So I am pretty much obsessed with sauce, as you can tell by the fact that I created a blog dedicated to Sauce.  I personally am a fan of dipping sauce, but I also love other sauces, such as hot sauce or pasta sauce.  Anything that brings extra flavor to a meal is a plus in my book.  I need a lot of flavors and sauce is one way to get that going.  Ranch, thousand island, ketchup, mayonnaise, pesto, creamy marinara, marinara, garlic sauce….the list could go on forever.  Anyone who wishes to contribute an ode to their favorite sauce, a recipe, or any other tidbit about sauces in general feel free to email me or become a contributor on this blog.  All sauces welcome.  Although I may not agree with your choice in sauce I cannot deny your right and the fact that you love sauce is always a plus.  Sauces of the World Unite….Sauce on!


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