My Go to Breakfast/Brunch

If I have the time to make eggs I tend to make a simple yet delicious scramble. I add and subtract from this recipe, but I tend to always fall back on a few main ingredients. I’ve slowly started to add a few more greens into the mix as well. Today I also decided to mix in some leftover sauteed potatoes from the weekend, which was a nice addition and made the dish a bit heartier.

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1-2 eggs
pat of butter
bell pepper
minced or diced onion
tomatoes (any fresh tomato will work)
whipped cream cheese
mixed shredded cheese (any cheese will work for added flavor, but not necessary)
salt and pepper
spinach (kale or arugula would work as well)
potatoes diced and sauteed (can add or not depending on how heavy you want the dish)
bagel thin (or toast)
hot sauce

To begin saute the onion and bell pepper, both diced or minced, in a little bit of melted butter. Cook the onion until golden brown and then add in spinach (or other green). While this is cooking whisk your eggs in a bowl with a little bit of milk and a spoonful of whipped cream cheese, regular will work as well but won’t mix as easily. Also if you want to mix in any other cheese I like to mix it in with the egg at this point. Add a dash of salt and pepper for flavor in the bowl and beat the eggs. At this point chop the tomato and add either into the pan or mix with the egg. If you want to add some potatoes mix into the pan at this point and cook the spinach or greens down before adding the egg. I then begin to toast the bagel (or bread of choice) and add the egg or eggs into the pan. Cook to your preferred texture, I like my eggs a little less done, so a minute or less is usually sufficient as the pan and vegetables should all be hot enough to cook the eggs quickly. I then cut up the avocado, add the eggs to my plate topped with avocado, a little salt and pepper if needed, ketchup and hot sauce, alongside my bagel, which you can top as you choose. And voila breakfast or brunch is served!


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