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I have been to Ecco twice and I will say my opinion changed upon my return. My first visit I was a tad disappointed with my meal, not so much that the food was bad, but that I felt in going out to a restaurant I could have had better. The bruschetta I ordered was quite good and actually non-disappointing, it was rather my pasta I got, which was with meatballs that got me. It wasn’t that the flavors weren’t there it was more so that I felt I could make it myself and there wasn’t any spices that really captured my imagination for that matter. I know some people go to restaurants for that home cooked effect, I on the other hand want to be wowed with something I myself could not concoct at home. My friend Jennie, whom I was with, ordered a delicious white pizza with pears, which was definitely something different and also something I myself would never think to make. Her daughter ordered mac’n’cheese from the kids menu, and although the adults loved it, I feel like it should have been noted before ordering that this was not your typical mac’n’cheese. It was three cheeses, shell pasta, and definitely had a strong flavor. And although I loved it, Sofia was none too pleased. She shared my pasta though and was I think happier with the meatballs than me.

Upon my second visit my dad and I shared the sausage pizza and a caesar salad. Both were good, although I would have liked a little more dressing on the caesar. The pizza though was delicious and had just the right amount of sauce, sausage, etc. It was very good and I love the thin crust. I also love the focaccia that they serve before the meal with pesto. I love when Italian restaurants serve pesto with the bread before a meal. Each restaurant always has a different take on the pesto and it is fun to compare them. This pesto is a bit thicker and not traditional pesto. I am not sure if it is made with basil or another herb, but it is quite good. I want to come back to Ecco to try some other menu items and also to try something from their extensive bar. Last time I was in there I noticed that they had so many different liquor bottles I can only imagine what imaginative drinks they come up with.


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