Old Vine Cafe

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So I have been to Old Vine Cafe twice now. The first time was a bit of a disappointment. Not so much in the food wasn’t good, but I felt that the service was a bit lacking. I also asked for some balsamic to add to my burratta mozzarella salad that was served with fried arugula and a lemon olive oil, I was told at first by our waitress that I would be brought some, I was then told by the chef that in no way could I add balsamic to his concoction because it would ruin it. I understand chefs being picky about what is added to their food, but for Gods sake I love my balsamic and I will add it where I please. I find it hard to understand, especially because this was a salad, why he could not just bring me a small side of it. If I found that it clashed I would put it aside. He said he would bring some more of the lemon olive oil, but instead proceeded to forget entirely, causing me to just be mad all over again. My dad ordered the truffle steak sandwich, upon my prodding, and although it was good, I think he regretted not ordering the pulled pork sandwich that the lady next to us was eating. That sandwich appeared to be what he really wanted, but instead he listened to me, and lo and behold he was disappointed.

Upon our second visit I decided to try the breakfast, which is served all day. I ordered the vegetarian omelette, which is served with a variety of veggies mixed in and pesto sprinkled on top. It was good, but not great. I felt that the pesto really overwhelmed the entire dish and perhaps they should have just added fresh basil instead. The sauteed potatoes were delicious though, I thought that they were spiced well and although not crispy as I prefer, they were a nice addition to a somewhat lackluster omelette. The english muffin they served on the side was also quite good, and tasted as though they might have baked it themselves. I believe they either use a brand of english muffins I have never tried or they have a bakery that makes them fresh because this english muffin resembled a biscuit in its flavor and texture and was definitely a treat. My dad joined me again on this trip and he ordered the reuben panini. This time the sandwich did not disappoint. He ordered a side of dijon, which he was not yelled at for asking for something else this time. It was also served with a side of russian dressing, ie thousand island. The pastrami was very lean cut and the sauerkraut was very good. I do prefer a reuben on rye bread but this version was very tasty and filling. The portions of their paninis are large and can easily be shared between two people.

This was a better experience the second time around but I am still skeptical. I would like to try dinner here sometime and see then what I think. I believe that they could definitely use a little faster service and maybe an extra waiter or two. I do think I will be back a few more times just to see if they can change my mind.



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