Three Seventy Common

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I have to say I think this is one of my new favorite restaurants. The atmosphere is fun inside, although the last time we were there they were playing 80s music, which just did not fit with a nice sit down dinner. I have yet to order any entrees as they have an extensive small plates menu. The food is all locally sourced and delicious. I like the idea of locally grown food that is not flown in from all over the world. I found that most of the dishes were leaning towards comfort food, which I definitely enjoy, especially on a cold fall or winter night. A standout was the poutin, which is like gravy fries served with veal gravy, bacon bits, horseradish cream and large pieces of veal as well. It is a heavy dish and definitely meant to be shared. Another favorite of mine is the foie gras, which is served with huckleberry pancakes and bacon, so so good. Worth ordering the foie gras especially because in 2012 it will be illegal in California. Also tried the pork belly, which I liked, reminded me of carnitas. Was not a favorite but if you like pork belly it is good and has some meat on it, more than just the fat, which I liked. The frito misto was another good choice. I liked the brussels sprouts gratin, even though I don’t normally enjoy brussels sprouts. This creamy dish seemed cover up the bitter taste that I tend to find whenever eating them. My only complaint was the mac’n’cheese, which was a little too dry. I was hoping since most of the other dishes were on the heavy, creamy, cheesy side that this would be the same, especially with cheese right there in the name. It seems that they need to work a bit more on this dish, but other than that everything was delicious, including the cocktails!!!! YUMMMY!!!!!


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