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So I have been to Broadway once and it is very good, but sadly I visited 370 Common first, and I have to say I like it better. The atmosphere at Broadway is amazing, I love the bar and the vibe the entire restaurant has. In that respect I do like it a bit better than 370, I think they definitely made Broadway their own, changing the interior entirely from how it was when 5′ was there. The bar gives the feeling of a 20s saloon or bar, very retro and cool. The drinks are delicious, I think this would be a fun place to go for appetizers and drinks before a night on the town. The food was good, I just felt that some dishes were missing something. I did not order any entrees though, only small plates. The hummus plate is delicious, probably one of my favorite that we ordered. The hummus is served with grilled bread and it pairs nicely. The sliders were one disappointment, they were a little dry and just lacking a certain something. They were not bad, I just felt that they could have been a lot better without adding much. The fries I enjoyed a lot. They were crisp and not to thick or thinly cut. The bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese were also delicious and quite heavy. The scallops with risotto was also a nice pick, I really liked the saffron risotto that the scallops were served with. Sadly the burrata was one disappointment. I felt that although it tasted good, it was a little much with the sun dried tomato pesto and toast. I prefer a plain burrata caprese myself, and sadly I do have a favorite already at Alessa and am always comparing to that. Lastly the desert we ordered was to die for. It was panna cotta and it tasted so good. It was served with some yummy sorbet as well, which was really tasty. The panna cotta had good flavor and consistency, definitely a plus! I do think I will go back and try Broadway again so I will give an update then to see if I like it any better.


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