Sapphire Pantry

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So I realize my pictures on this one are a little lacking, I definitely will have to return and take some better photos. The burger was delicious and cooked to perfection. It was a havarti cheese burger with arugula and garlic fries on the side. Jennie decided to order sage kettle cooked chips instead and those were quite scrumptious and were definitely some of the best chips I had ever had, especially the fried sage, which was so good!! The burger itself was quite large so definitely a little hard to eat, but the flavor was good and the ratio of burger to condiments and such was perfect. The bun itself was a bit large, but the flavor was good, only that it was hard to eat, using a fork and knife might be necessary. I definitely would order this burger and fries again. The skinny fries were super good and cooked just right and had the right amount of seasoning mixed in. All in all a good choice!!


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