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Lumberyard happy hour!! Quite delicious and good prices. $6 cocktails, always a steal! Yummy mojitos, have yet to try another cocktail here. Heavy fare, but good for happy hour. So far I have tried the Caesar salad, which is good. It isn’t anything special, just your typical Caesar salad, but has good flavor, yummy croutons and a nice amount of dressing without swimming in it. Next up I have tried the spinach dip with chips and crostini. The spinach dip was good but not great. Granted I am partial to CPK’s spinach artichoke dip so I might just be biased. The pork sliders were delicious. I have tried those twice now and they are so good. I love pulled pork and these sliders are perfect size and also perfect to split as it comes with 2. Yummy coleslaw topping and little mini hamburger buns complete these delicious sandwiches. The garlic fries are good, although they are definitely heavy on the garlic. Had I not ordered so many different things I probably could have enjoyed them a bit more, but all the food was so heavy that I just had had too much to eat.


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