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CPK has always been a favorite of mine. It is easy and delicious and you always know what is good to order there. My favorites are the Spinach Artichoke dip with Pita on the side. This is probably one of my favorite Spinach Artichoke dips I have ever tried. Somehow they have created the perfect ratio of cheese, spinach, artichokes and whatever else goes into such a concoction. I also have always been a fan of the BBQ Chicken Chop salad with added Avocado. This salad is fresh and has a nice mix of BBQ and Ranch flavors, as well as a little bit of a Southwest flare with black beans, corn and tortilla chips mixed in. I always enjoy this salad when I order it. Sometimes a full is a little too big, especially if you want to try any appetizers so it is nice that you can order halves of all their salads. Every pizza I have tried at CPK I have liked. The Thai Pizza is delicious, the Japanese Eggplant with Goat Cheese is good, Pepperoni is always delish! Pretty much any of them seem pretty good. I have tried pasta from here in the past but tend not to order it just because there is so much else on the menu I like. The tortilla soup is also a nice starter to go along with a salad. I haven’t ordered it in a long time but I always enjoyed it when I did. The deserts are also good, but I tend to always be too full to even try one.



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