Rooftop Breakfast-a little disappointing

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So besides the gorgeous view I was thoroughly disappointed with my breakfast burrito I ordered at Rooftop for Brunch. Not that it was bad by any means, it was just lacking in flavor. I think the burrito needed either some sauteed veggies, maybe a little extra salsa, or something more to give it some extra flavor. Maybe even some extra cheese or some spices mixed in the eggs would have done the trick. Granted my friend, who ordered the veggie scramble with goat cheese loved hers, so maybe I should try something different next time. I was perusing the lunch menu and noticed a lot of new dishes that I think I would rather try than breakfast. I was also a little disappointed that there was so little selection for breakfast, and no eggs benedict (a crime in my opinion). I believe every breakfast/brunch spot should have some version of eggs benedict, it is a must!

Well the view is nice, the drinks are good and the breakfast meh! I know I like all other meals there and I always love their mojitos so Rooftop is not off my list of places to go. I think I just might skip breakfast next time.


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