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I used to love going to Javier’s when they had a location in downtown laguna. The chips and salsa are always flowing, which can be hazardous to my waistline, but soooo delicious. The guacamole is also really good, but is overpriced unless you are sharing it. The prices have def. been going up over the years, which sucks. I used to love getting the enchiladas mariscos, but the last time I went they were $22, I remember at the laguna location when they were prob about $16 (and i considered that expensive). The location is beautifully decorated and the seating is really comfortable. The margaritas are good, but once again overpriced. I a lot of times now order the Carnitas plate, which is delicious. I like that I can eat half of it and have enough left over for another meal the next day. This helps to placate the fact that everything is so expensive. The service is always friendly and the food is always good, but because the prices are definitely steep for what they serve. It is a fun place for larger groups, as this location does have a lot more room then their old one. All in all worth going to once in a while for a treat.



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