Tommy Bahamas

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So this is just a first time review, I definitely will need to come back and try Tommy Bahamas again. For drinks I decided to order the cucumber mint mojito and it was delicious. I was really sunburned from the beach that day and this was the perfect cocktail for that. It was so refreshing and light and did not have a heavy alcohol taste. Carrie, who joined me that evening, ordered an apple martini, which tasted about like jolly rancher, which I know for some is delicious. I was not starving so I decided to order the lobster mac n cheese appetizer. Carrie ordered the steak salad for her dinner. Before our dinner arrived we had the nice surprise of an ahi tuna amuse bouche in a lettuce cup with a peanut sauce underneath. This was so good and the tuna tasted really fresh. It was quite a nice little taster. My lobster mac n cheese was also really good. So creamy and delicious and there was enough lobster in it as well. I could have used a little larger portion, but being a starter I knew it was going to be small. Carrie’s salad was also done nicely and the steak had great flavor. I know I need to make a return trip to have an actual meal but I am glad that even with the small tasters I did have I was really impressed.


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