Stiso Omelet–Feta, Basil, Tomatoes

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So I personally did not make this omelet but I did eat it and let me tell you it was delicious. A few weekends ago I was over at Bryan and Mollie’s and we all decided that it was about time to eat breakfast. Instead of our usual Sunday brunch we concluded that we should just whip something up ourselves. So after a trip to Ralph’s we came back and Bry concocted what turned out to be a great brunch. The open faced omelet was made with basil, tomatoes and feta cheese. Although I usually am not a fan of feta it went really well with this combination. On the side we had bacon (cooked crispy), always a plus for brunch and sauteed onions and potatoes. Of course to drink we served mimosas. No brunch is ever complete without mimosas. This omelet was quick and easy to make and did not involve a lot of chopping or cooking time. I would say that this brunch rivaled many a champagne brunches I have had in restaurants. Can’t wait for next Sunday!!!


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