Caprese Pasta

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One of my favorite meals to make and also one of the simplest, as I am not that great in the kitchen. This meal calls for any type of pasta, I personally prefer egg noodles, more specifically pappardelle. Do not ask me why but I love this noodle. Any type of tomatoes will do, but I prefer either grape or cherry tomatoes. They are small, easy to work with, and usually sweeter than their larger counterparts. Fresh basil is also a must and fresh garlic, as well. A bit of white cooking wine can be added to the sauce, although this is not necessary. Over time we have also included grilled artichoke hearts for a change of pace. When grilled in olive oil and added to the dish they are quite delicious. Another fun addition is either medium shrimp or bay scallops, or both if possible. This adds some protein to the meal and the shell fish mix quite nicely with the pasta. Once all cooked and mixed together sprinkle with some grated parmesan for extra flavor. I prefer to mix in some fresh mozzarella instead, but either cheese is a nice addition to this dish. If anyone cares for the exact recipe feel free to ask, but for now I am too lazy to type it all up here. For those who cook I believe it is pretty self-explanatory and can be re-conceived in any kitchen.


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