Watermarc–hit and miss!

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So I have eaten at Watermarc quite a few times and usually I am pleased with my meal. However, this time I was really disappointed with one of the dishes I ordered. I always love the burrata mozzarella salad and per usual this was delicious. I usually then order either the tomato bisque or the lobster bisque, both of which have always been delicious. I decided to branch out though and ordered the mussels. This was a horrible decision on my part. The mussels were served in a lemon grass broth, which smelled horrible when it arrived. It had the scent of bad BO, but I decided to grin, bear it and at least try it. Some of the mussels were good, but a majority of them were overcooked, which made the dish even more unappetizing to me. I guess on this I learned my lesson. Never order mussels at Watermarc.

The burrata burger is scrumptious. Definitely worth splitting, as it is quite large. Other yummy options include the pear tarts or the fried goat cheese with a honey like sauce.

Update: I just tried the strawberry mojito, so so good!!!! Also the trio of mashed potatoes was good, not great, but good and the risotto, not so good. The risotto was def a disappointment.



4 thoughts on “Watermarc–hit and miss!

  1. Monica

    I have had the same “Hit and Miss” experience at Watermarc! Had a couple great first experiences and then went another time and tried the steak tartare and was sooooooooooooo bummed.

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