Habana Days and Nights

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I have been going to Habana for lunch off an on for about a year now. Sadly I’ve never branched out from my typical order. The crab cake sandwich with fries is my fav. Almost all crab meat, stuffed with cream cheese, it is to die for. Their bread is light and airy and does not over power the crab. The fries are thin and crispy, sprinkled with paprika. They are quite delicious and don’t leave a greasy aftertaste. Mango slaw, which I do not care for because I am not a coleslaw fan, is served with the sandwich. Other entrees served here are all large and look super good. I need to try to come here for dinner, especially so I can try the mojito.

Update: I have now tried the mojito, and honestly it was not that great. I think because it was in a small glass the alcohol content was way too high. It was drinkable, but not fantastic. Disappointed.




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