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Last night before going to see Talib at Detroit Bar, Mollie and I decided to branch out and go to the LAB for dinner. We were going to eat at Habana, but then decided on Zipangu instead. This was a great decision on both our parts. First off we ordered a pitcher of Sapporo for I think $7. A pint of Sapporo is only $1.50 on happy hour. We decided to start out with chili garlic edamame. These probably were some of the best edamame I have ever had. The chili garlic sauce, plus the fresh garlic mixed in, was amazing. Such great flavors all mixed in. We then ordered jalapeno yellowtail sashimi. This was good, although I have had better. Then we had the Sashimi roll, which was made without rice or seaweed, rather with cucumber on the outside. I personally was not a huge fan of this roll, but the fish was fresh and tasted good, just needed a little something extra, and had a bit too much crab mixed in for a sashimi roll. Mollie ordered oysters, which I usually dislike, but with the sauce they used they were delicious. The order came with 3 good sized oysters, and they were fresh with no fishy flavor. The highlight of the night was the Smoked Salmon Quesadilla. According to our waitress this dish was what would happen if Mexican food and Japanese food got married and had a delicious baby! She was right!!! So yummy, the smoked salmon was tasty, plus the cream cheese mixed with cheddar cheeses, double YUM!!! They also served it with a side of sour cream and salsa. No paying extra for sides of sauce here!!!

The atmosphere inside is very loungy, but it was fun! This definitely seemed to be the happy hour hot spot for working men in the area. The sushi bar and restaurant were not packed, but it had a fun vibe to it. The staff was very friendly as well and helped in making choices with such a diverse menu.


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