Gilbert’s El Indio

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The other night I went up to Santa Monica to visit Seychelle. We both decided we were too tired to cook so she wanted to take me to her local Mexican restaurant. I am so happy she decided to because it was really good and the atmosphere was awesome. Right when you walk in there is a bar, which was amazing since we had a bit of a wait. We both ordered margaritas and sat and chatted in the waiting area. All the waiters were very friendly, although they were all men. When we were seated one of the waiters took a liking to Seychelle and brought us a free second round of margaritas. We decided to order a large guacamole, which was a good choice. The chips were delicious and the guacamole, although not presented that great, the taste was fresh and good! I ordered the carnitas plate, and had so much food I had to take a full second meal home. They were happy to provide more flour tortillas and wrapped them up for me. The carnitas came with refried beans and rice as well.

Seychelle ordered Carne Adobado, which was carnitas in mole. She thoroughly enjoyed her meal. I personally thought the meat was a bit tough, but the flavors were all really good. I definitely will have to make another trip up to see her in order to try more of the menu. There was a lot of variety and they serve breakfast all day as well. YUM!!!


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