Gordon Family Burritos—Deliciosa comida mexicana por una madre italiana

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Yum!!! Most delicious ground beef burritos that mi mama has been making forever. Start out with cooking down your ground beef. In a food processor mix in apples, raisins, cinnamon, cloves, canned tomatoes, onions, green apple, green olives, garlic, canned ortega chiles, tomatillo salsa and a pinch of this and that (if you want the actual recipe ask me and I can look it up for you, or add it as a side-note to this post)! Once the meat is cooked down mix in all the ingredients that have been mixed together. And viola delicious filler for any burrito, empanada, taco, taco salad, and the like. Of course fresh guacamole is a must and sour cream. If you like your food a bit spicier add more salsa, or spicier chiles. Also Tapatio or a spicy salsa verde is a nice touch. Frijoles refritos son necesario tambien para mi, if you want to make it a full meal!



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