Chicken and Morel Mushroom Pasta plus Delicious Salad

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If you love mushrooms you will love this recipe. Keep in mind that you need to add a bit more cream, white cooking wine, and chicken broth if you want more sauce. The morel mushrooms, though hard to find fresh, are so delicious. Dried morels, once soaked in water, add such a good flavor to this. Adding in cremini mushrooms also kicks the flavors up a notch. Chicken, though not my favorite meat, is good in this recipe. It is not a necessary component of the meal though. If you are vegetarian this dish can stand alone. Or you can always cook up a side of fish if you feel so inclined instead of adding chicken. A side salad is a nice touch as well! Spinach mixed with Iceberg lettuce, pomegranate seeds, dates, avocado, walnuts and goat cheese. Mix with balsamic vinegar, italian herbs and ground pepper and you have yourself a delicious and healthy salad.



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