Stiso’s Chicken Dinner

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The other weekend I went to Chez Stiso again for dinner. This time we decided to make it somewhat of a collaborative effort, although the main dish of course was all Bry’s making. He decided (with my coercion to not make pork chops) to make his rosemary chicken with roasted potatoes. Mollie made sauteed green beans with shallots and olive oil, and perhaps some other herbs I do not recall. I decided to take the easy route and made Kraft Cheesiest Mac, but decided to add neufchatel cheese (alternative to cream cheese) and then Bry suggested we bake it after everything was mixed in and cooked, with some extra aged cheddar sprinkled on top. Everything turned out delicious, although the chicken was a little dry, most likely since we were waiting for everything else to finish cooking. Three chefs at once is definitely a little hectic, but all in all the meal was scrumptious. I especially enjoyed the roasted potatoes, cooked to perfection. Just crispy enough, but not burnt. This was a success in home cooked meals. Thanks Bry and Mol for cooking for me and the hospitality. YUM!!!


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