Mongolian BBQ

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Back in the day Mollie took me to this delicious Mongolian BBQ place for the first time. I had never had Mongolian BBQ before and this was delicious. I had not been back in years, probably since graduating HS, but the other weekend we decided to take a trip out there and test it out again. I must say it was as delicious as ever. The strip mall may have changed a bit, but the food had not. I love that you can just pile your bowl high with whatever meat and veggies you like, plus noodles and then the chefs saute it up in front of you. Comes with a side of hot and sour soup, cream cheese wontons, fried shrimp (not good) and 2 sesame pocket buns to fill up with all the bbq goodness. Wish I had made mine a bit spicier, but all in all it was quite good. Definitely will be returning again, even if it takes me another 10 years.


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