Ribs a la Stiso

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The other weekend Bryan decided that he was going to put his new crock pot to use and make ribs in it. They were to die for, so delicious the meat just fell right off the bone. He added some pineapple, a whole bottle of bbq sauce and some onion to the mix and it turned out great. As a side he made sweet potato fries, but in the oven instead of frying them. They were so so good. The sweet flavor from the sweet potatoes is delicious and with that crispiness from baking them they are scrumptious. It was like heaven on a plate. We also had some Wonder Bread to really round out the Southern cooking going on in the Stiso house and some yummy maple baked beans. Mollie made a yummy greek salad with cucumbers, pepitas, feta cheese, tomatoes and bell peppers, yummy! All in all it was a successful meal and a fun night had by the three of us! Thanks again Bry for cooking up this delicious feast!


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