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Yesterday while driving through San Clemente, Mollie and I decided to stop off and try Taka-O, the sushi place next to Sonny’s. It was completely empty, but the atmosphere inside is cute. We sat at the sushi bar and although the sushi chefs helped us immediately it seemed like the wait staff was not as on top of it. They had some awesome specials, that include Saturdays. We both ordered some yellowtail nigiri and I ordered a salmon nigiri. Both were good, although the fish wasn’t super fresh. I also tried a tataki handroll and a dynamite (spicy tuna) handroll. Both were good and very filling. The tataki handroll was seared halibut with veggie sauce. It had a smoky flavor and the sauce added to it, balancing out the smoky flavor of the fish. Our meal was enjoyable and for under $20 I definitely think I will stop by here again.
The most amazing part was probably the poster of Mustache Mondays with an old school pic of the owner.



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