Rockin’ Fish

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I just tried Rockin’ Fish for the first time last night. I had the crab cake dinner, which came with 2 sides. The crab cakes were so good, especially since they were all lump crab meat, rather than having extras mixed in as a filler. The side of tartar sauce was also good, and had a nice flavor. I ordered the spicy mac’n’cheese and the grilled veggies as my sides. The mac’n’cheese was good, not too spicy, but not a ton of flavor, it could have used maybe a stronger cheese mixed in to give it a little something more. The grilled veggies were served kabob style and were very good, plain but grilled lightly and not greasy or with anything extra, which is how I like my veggies. I also ordered a lemon drop, which I enjoyed, it was not too strong and wasn’t too citrusy either. My friend Jennie who came with ordered the macadamia crusted halibut and had a side of mashed potatoes and the grilled veggies as well. The halibut came with a side of beure blanc sauce, which was tasty. The halibut was good, but tasted a bit like it had been fried a little. One set back of Rockin’ Fish is the atmosphere. It looks the part of a chain restaurant, and they seemed to have crammed in as many tables as possible. Their prices are also a bit high, but all in all it was a good experience.

Update: So just went back. Decided to try an Aliso I think, it had sweet tea vodka in it, was sooo good!!! Also tried the mojito, which was also delicious. Ordered the crab cakes again, which were good, but not as good as I remember from last time. The mac n cheese was good again as well. We also decided to try the lobster ravioli, which was great!!! It was a special but if they have it I highly recommend it!!!


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