Tokyo Table

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The other day I decided to go over to the Diamond Jamboree Plaza, ie every asian food you can imagine. I was going to try a different sushi place in the plaza, but because the line was so long I instead went to Tokyo Table. I got my food to go, and although they said it would take 20 min, it did not take quite as long. This area definitely is very crowded during lunch, so either be prepared to wait, or go a few hours later. I got an order of gyoza, which was good. The scallop sushi I ordered was good, but not great, and the scallop would not stay on top of the rice, hence why I think many restaurants put seaweed around the scallop and rice in order to hold it together. The spicy yellow tail specialty roll I ordered was neither spicy nor all that special. Although the fish was fresh and the sushi tasted ok, there just wasn’t anything all that great about it. I wish I had ordered either a roll that was not supposed to be spicy so I would not have been disappointed, or asked for them to add some extra sauce to it, or put it on the side, so as to spice it up a bit.

All in all I probably will not return to Tokyo Table, though there are some other restaurants in the plaza that I would be willing to try, including the other sushi place (which is much cheaper and probably about the same quality).


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