Hamamori Sushi

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On my lunch break yesterday decided to try out a new sushi place in South Coast Plaza on the Crystal Court side. It was yummy, but sadly a little pricey for a lunch. The nigiri wasn’t too bad, but I ordered a toro hand roll and was taken aback by the price when the bill came. The fish was all very fresh, and the sushi chefs were very accommodating to any special requests. It wasn’t very busy so that also helped. The waitresses were a little slow, but that seems to be the case at most sushi joints. I found that the fish was up to par, but this sushi place is definitely more traditional in that they don’t have a lot of roll choices, and the rolls they do have are very expensive. If you like sashimi though they have an entire list of special sashimis with extras added on. They also had a good list of sushi, which you could get as one or four pieces depending on what you felt like. They also had a few lunch specials, which is always nice, and the prices on those were definitely more reasonable. All in all a good experience, although the bill may have given me a heart attack. I would return, but probably for a dinner, or next time I would order a lunch special so I know exactly what I am paying.



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