Coyote Grill

So I have eaten at Coyote Grill many a time, but have yet to write about, so here goes. I love love love breakfast at Coyote, whereas the other meals are just ok, breakfast I believe is delicious. I have found that my favorite thing to order hungover at Coyote is the Machaca Beef with Flour Tortillas and Refried Beans only, although I like the potatoes they serve, I prefer my Mexican with beans and tortillas. The bloody marys are also delicioso and worth a try. I get my bloody normal but mi amiga Mollie gets hers with Siracha, which adds a bit more of a kick to it! The omelets are also quite good, as are the eggs benedict (what I used to order). Chips and salsa are good, but cost $1.50, which sorta sucks. I also got charged twice for sour cream, 50 cents each time, which is a little excessive, but whatever everything else was good. All in all this meal was great, and I took some home with me and ate it again for lunch, all I had to do was reheat the tortillas and it was good to go!

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