So when I went to Spain for my best friend Christine’s wedding we took a detour in Italy. Gorgeous country and even more delicious food!! I am Italian and I love my pasta, my pizza, and my cappuccinos. I was so excited to try out as much as possible. We had the most delicious pizza ever made at a small restaurant in Rome called Marcos. It was just a plain mushroom pizza, but it was to die for. The caprese salads were also delicious and all the mozzarella was fresh, as well as the basil and tomatoes. I love that all the ingredients were so fresh and everything just tasted great. The pastas and risottos also lived up to my high standards, especially paired with wine, YUMMM!!! In Capri we had some delicious seafood, I actually got lobster and it was so good and definitely made well. I was in heaven. To top it off the diet cokes over there taste 100 times better. Don’t ask me why because I could not tell you, but double YUM! Italy definitely brought its A game in terms of food served and I have decided I want to move to Roma! Good food, hot men and just a gorgeous city in general. Ciao bellas!


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