Bamboo Bistro-vietnamese and thai cuisine

A delicious hide away on coast hwy in corona del mar. This was my second time dining there and it is quite delicious. The first time I went I had coconut soup, which was scrumptious. So thick and flavored wonderfully. This time I ordered soft shell crab spring rolls, which were good, even though I dislike soft shell crab with a passion, I still was able to enjoy these. They were fresh and very flavorful. The second dish I ordered I am unsure of what the name of it was. It was long green flat noodles, like a fettuccine and had shrimp and calamari mixed in as well as green beans. It was mixed with a dark brown somewhat sweet and spicy sauce. It was quite good and definitely different than anything I had tried before. I will be coming back here again and trying something new. A great hidden spot.


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