delicious meats!

I often do not indulge in red meat, but when I do it is always scrumptious. The other night my mom decided that as a family we were all going to have steak for dinner. The ladies get filet-mignon by choice and the men were going to be served T-bones. If I am eating a steak, filet is the only way I will go, unless it is being put in a burrito or is part of a sandwich or something, then whatever you have throw it on there. Filet is the most tender and I love the way it just melts in your mouth. We cooked our steaks on the griddle with steak seasoning/seasoned salt and pepper and let them cook until medium rare/on the rare side. According to some it should be blue and almost walking. I prefer mine to be pink and avoid turning gray at all, but bloody is not my thing. I did have to throw mine back on the grill a second time, but it came out perfect after that. Accompanying our steaks was half a piece of delicious garlic bread, dijon roasted potato slices, and dijon and garlic roasted green beans. This was a feast made for champions. I sadly did not take any pictures, so next time this meal is served, as a whole, or in parts, I will slowly upload those pics for you to see the deliciousness that this meal was. The meat was melt in your mouth, the garlic bread perfectly toasted and with just the right amount of cheese, and it was made with seeded artisan bread to give it an extra kick of flavor. The potatoes were just crispy enough and the beans, though they could have used a little more dijon mustard on them before they went under the broiler were still mighty tasty. All in all this meal was quiet a success.


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