Loving Hut—Vegan Cuisine

So tried the Loving Hut the other day with Bean and Mollie. Was surprised to find that this vegan restaurant was asian based, which was a wonderful surprise because I am not a fan of most other vegan cuisine. I ordered the Pho, which was quiet delicious and also nice since I had been feeling sick that day. Both Mollie and Bean ordered soups as well, though for the life of me I can not recall the names. They both looked good too. I decided to order wontons to start, and those were surprisingly good, esp because they were filled with some sort of fake meat, which was not weird flavored or frightening at all, which I tend to find fake meat. Mollie ordered fried tofu, which was silky and delicious, with a great sauce that came with it. Bean also ordered spring rolls I believe and those were quiet satisfying as well. I also ordered a cappuccino, which I was a little skeptical in ordering because I was not sure what they would use in place of milk. It was def a good choice and they put a bit of chocolate sauce on top, which I also enjoyed. All in all this place was a good choice and next time I am out near Ladera Ranch I will be eating here. Good, healthy, and DELICIOUS!!!!


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