k’ya small plates

So on Saturday night m’lady Bri and I decided to try out the food at k’ya. Though most did not disappoint, there was one dish that was not what we expected at all. I ordered a caprese salad, which was good, but nothing special. I also ordered the lobster risotto, this was tres delicioso. I was impressed by the texture of the rice and the overall flavor was delightful. I def enjoyed how much lobster was including in this dish, since it was well priced. I also loved how the small plate is just the right amount so that you are not completely stuffed after eating. Bri ended up ordering the poke, a favorite of ours already, and she enjoyed that thoroughly. The disappointment came when she ordered the lobster mac’n’cheese. We had viewed the menu previously so this item was picked out days before. We expected, as it was described on the menu, to have a cognac cream sauce but with mac’n’cheese style. Instead the cheese used for the entire sauce had the flavor and texture of Velveeta, which on its own is fine, but at a fine dining establishment is not expected nor desired. I tasted it as well, and though was not as disappointed with it, it def had a really strong, fake cheese flavor that did not accompany the lobster that was mixed in well. It was overpowering and I feel that they could have done so much better, esp since the risotto I ordered seemed to come out near perfect. So if only this item had been good the overall dining experience would have been two thumbs up. Hopefully next time we will remember to not order this again.


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