La Sirena….an ode to sauce

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La Sirena, for me at least, has some of the best, and freshest, seafood burritos and or tacos in town. I have always enjoyed their fare, particularly in the past their quesadillas or taquitos, and more recently the fish burrito. My new obsession though, hands down, is the calamari burrito. For those that do not enjoy the texture of calamari, the fish burrito provides the same flavors and fillings, just with blackened, or not if you prefer, fish instead of calamari. My favorite part of the burrito though is the aioli they include in it. I do indeed get extra in the burrito and a side as well to dip both my burrito and my chips in. The chips are also quiet tasty, well made and not too greasy. All of their food is now organic and sustainable, which is awesome. The packaging is also either recyclable or biodegradable. The selection is all fresh and the portions huge, especially for the burritos. The tacos do not fare as well, for they are not quite as large and therefore not as filling. The prices, though up there, seem ok, if only for the fact that you will not need to eat another meal for the remainder of your day. A calamari burrito from La Sirena is a highlight of any day, and should be enjoyed, if possible while sitting on the beach or outdoors, as this is the best way to enjoy any food to its fullest.


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