Happy Hour Sauce

So the other night I was invited to happy hour at Sun Dried Tomato Cafe.  I was skeptical to say the least, since the last time I had eaten there, granted it was 5 or so years ago, I remember being very disappointed in my meal.  Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised with this meal.  The happy hour had great prices and the food was delicious.  We ordered some beers and of the 3 girls I was with, each one of us decided we were going with the $6 burger and fries.  All of the happy hour menu items are $6.  I was not expecting the large burger that I received.  It was huge and delicious.  At any other restaurant this burger would be around $12.  I am assuming outside of happy hour that is probably the price here as well.  But this was a great deal. Our draft beers were only $4 each as well, which was a bargain and they had glasses of wine or drinks for $6.  Onto the sauce….I ordered a side of thousand island, but did not get a side of ranch sadly.  I also had ketchup with the shoe-string fries.  The thousand was good, not something to write home about, but def good and did not have any weird spice or flavor to it.  The ketchup was good, though it is very hard to serve bad ketchup.  The fries were seasoned well and quiet delicious, though I prefer thicker fries, so I left most of them.  The burger was so good though, so that made up for the fries plenty.

I also later went to Brussels, as we felt the drinking should continue.  I also decided that my fries fix had not been met, nor had my sauce fix.  So I ordered the fries at Brussels, only to eat not even a quarter of them.  They are so good, but thick and filling, esp with the scrumptious sauces that come with them, including a mayo/ketchup mix, garlic aioli, and ketchup.  All in all my night of sauces was quiet fulfilling and my drinks were good.  I have to say that beer and food at happy hour is a always a plus.

Delicious Sauces were found and a new happy hour spot was discovered, at least for me.  Yummy and cheap!!!!!


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