unhealthy sauce

IMG_1219So I know I have been lacking in the sauce posts.  I have been finding that my obsession with sauce is starting an unhealthy trend with myself.  I am hoping to get some input on some healthy alternatives for my fav sauces.  I know I will never give up the delicious ranches or thousand island dips, but I do need to stop eating them with every meal.  Perhaps pesto or other healthier olive oil based alternatives should make it into the mix more often.  Let me know any of your at home recipes for delicious sauces that are easier on the waist band.  And if you believe that all sauce should be eaten and it is only the food that is accompanying it let me know that too.  If you are of the rare kind that can eat whatever the hell you want, sauce and all, then please keep those comments to yourself as us larger ladies and gentleman too are envious of you already and I commend the fact that you are allowed unbridled access to the world of sauce.


One thought on “unhealthy sauce

  1. jenny wilner

    Hey Syd,

    I would recommend Chili Garlic Sauce (found in the grocery store in the Asian section), the Thai Sweet Chili sauce, soy sauce, and Sriracha. Those are pretty delish and don’t have many calories…Also, per an earlier discussion, hummus (if you count that as a sauce instead of a spread) is semi-healthy. Of course, there is always ketchup and BBQ sauce too!

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