5 thoughts on “what’s your fav sauce?

  1. Elizabeth

    You made this difficult… I had to decide between two things: (1) chicken fingers with ranch and (2) delicious bread with oil and vinegar. Unfortunately for ranch, bread always wins in my book, thus, so does oil and vinegar. But I do have to specify that it has to be olive oil and balsamic vinegar…

    And by the way, I like Hidden Valley Ranch in a bottle. But I only eat vinaigrette on my salads these days, which means I never actually consume it.

  2. Sydney

    this is just the first poll….aioli is also tres delicioso and of course i luv tzaziki on pita…i was going to include hummus as well, but that just makes everything difficult….and of course I meant olive oil and balsamic, we aren’t barbarians here….

  3. Amanda

    This poll seems rigged for Ranch to win – as duly noted above, there are several awesome sauces missing: nacho cheese sauce (my vote, hands down!!!), aioli, barbeque sauce, whatever the eff thousand-island-like-sauce they put on burgers at in-n-out, chocolate sauce, etc. etc.

    And really, should we be setting up favortism for sauces? All sauces are beautiful and special and should be appreciated!! 🙂

  4. Sydney

    i realized aioli is missing, thousand island though is on there….i did a bbq one and ailoi on the burger poll…i know all sauces are beautiful, i personally mix most all of them together….but these polls seem to get people to actually visit the site so i figure why not? Sauce Off!

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