hands down favorite ranch—and not so fav italian dressing

36233278Had Gina’s Pizza today in Laguna Beach.  I die for their ranch.  I would bath in it if it were possible.  It is the reason I fell in love with ranch and will smother anything with it.  Pizza, fries, garlic bread, bread in general, salads….pretty much I will try ranch on anything at least once.  The italian dressing they have there is not my fav, a little to tangy for my taste, though some ppl like to mix it with the ranch to create the perfect creamy italian.  I personally like balsamic with herbs if I go italian style for dressing.  Otherwise it is all ranch all the time.


4 thoughts on “hands down favorite ranch—and not so fav italian dressing

  1. Stephanie

    Ok, so I am in Havasu and we went to The Golden Horseshoe restaurant………and I forgot how great their ranch is! Gina’s #1 spot just got bumped to #2!

  2. Amanda

    Gina’s ranch is out of this world. I’m pretty sure the secret ingredients are: whole milk, cream, crack, and the oils from barehanded sous chefs who toss the mozzerella!

    BTW, am I the only one who always gets Italian dressing even though it invariable is never as tasty as pretty much any other dressing?!?

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