Tapatio–an obsession of sorts

So I used to never love hot sauce.  I was one of those creatures who hated anything spicy.  Now I have discovered Tapatio, and have also discovered my love for spiciness.  Damn those stomach pains and indigestion, I don’t care I need flavor and hot sauce gives me just that.  Now I know many of you probably have your own favorite when it comes to hot sauce.  It is a very preferential and personal choice.  I also enjoy Cholula and Si Racha, though my one true love is and probably will always be Tapatio.  I can not pinpoint my exact reasoning for this, if I had a hot sauce off I may be able to discern why this sauce is my favorite.  But that is for another time.  Right now I only wish to reveal my favorites and this is it.  As always if you have your own favorite hot sauce feel free to comment and tell me why you love it (if you can articulate this into words).  What do you most enjoy putting hot sauce on?  What foods should you avoid dumping hot sauce or are you one of those people who believe that hot sauce is meant for all foods at all times?

Keep me posted on all things hot and saucey!


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