From Sauce with Love–an introduction of sorts

Fries+CondimentsSo this blog is meant as a stepping stone in my love for sauce, and eventually for others to join me in this endeavor.  So an introduction of sorts….the sauces I enjoy the most are dipping sauces, primarily ranch.  I am also a huge fan of thousand island as a dip, ketchup and mayo (either alone or combined), Tapatio and other hot sauces, and much more, which will be discussed in detail as this blog progresses.  I hope that all who view this blog will have the same love for sauces as I do, or if not perhaps can be swayed in their thinking to try out some sauce.  It is delicious and adds a special something to every meal.  Love your sauce and it will treat you right.


4 thoughts on “From Sauce with Love–an introduction of sorts

  1. Mr. Italian

    Dear Saucy,

    Will you accept and post user contributed sauces? How do you feel about non-dipping sauces? What cuisines influenced your love for dipping sauces? Did traveling any particular region of the world impact your love for dipping sauces?

    ~ Mr. Italian

    • Sydney

      I love all sauces, but dipping sauce is my one true love. It was not travel that inspired my love for dipping sauce, though I have traveled all over the world and have found that obviously different sauces and ways in which to dip can be found all over. Ranch is pretty much my one true love when it comes to dipping sauce, though I have always loved mayo and thousand island for dipping (usually french fries) and found that in Holland and France dipping in mayo was a regular occurrence for french fries. I had been mixing mayo and ketchup or just using mayo on fries for years (though it is somewhat taboo here in the states) it is delicious. I am italian by heritage and also have a love for almost all italian food, including most pasta sauces, no matter how they are made. Pesto and creamy marinara sauces are two of my favorites. If you have any thoughts or wish to contribute a sauce please just send me a draft or ask that it be approved and if I find nothing offensive about it I will post it. I am open to hearing about other sauces that people love, even if I do not agree with them. Sauce away!

    • Sydney

      hey i would love to add a link to your blog on this site….hopefully it will actually be up and running and turn into a real blog, and not just another outlet for my writings. If you have any sauce you would like to blog about feel free to contribute, all sauces welcome!

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