An Introduction to My Favorite Sauce—Ranch

So now that From Sauce with Love has been created, I figured the next logical step is to pay homage to my favorite sauce of all, Ranch.  The reason I started this blog was for my love of ranch.  All roads lead me to ranch, especially whilst eating.  But I can honestly say that my love for ranch as of now outweighs my love of anything else.  I can dip anything in it and it will most likely taste amazing.  Case in point, pizza alone is ok, dipped in ranch and it is now a delicious meal.  A salad with just any old dressing is just a salad, with ranch another scrumptious meal.  Bread of any kind can be dipped in ranch.  Although ranch should stay away from certain food items, such as pasta or sushi, there are far more foods that it can accompany, making it the perfect sauce.  If anything has gone wrong during the day ranch is a food that can make most carbs into the perfect comfort meal.  There will be more to come on ranch as this blog progresses to what it is meant to be.  We will delve into the perfect recipe and where to find the best ranches.  We will also investigate what ranches to avoid, and you know who you are.  So for now just know that From Sauce with Love (or myself) has proclaimed ranch to be numero uno.  If you disagree or have a sauce that you believe can beat ranch in the race for number one do not hesitate to write about it here.  From Sauce with Love is a community of sauce lovers and any sauce is welcome.  As long as your reasons are legitimate and you can tell me why that sauce is number one I may be swayed to at least consider that ranch could fall of its pedestal, but for now ranch is king.


3 thoughts on “An Introduction to My Favorite Sauce—Ranch

  1. Stephanie

    I don’t like Hidden valley ranch either! It has last resort status. I am still in search of a really good store bought ranch……any suggestions?

    • Sydney

      I like Bob’s Big Boys Ranch, though it is a little thick. I will keep an eye out, I do not usually buy ranch at the store as when using it I am usually eating out. I know that the hidden valley packets are good once you find the proper combination of mayo or buttermilk to mix in, though you have to eat them quick since they don’t have all the preservatives that bottled ranch does.

      This is going to be a new project of mine. Find good bottled ranch. I will keep you all posted.

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